EDM 63 & 64 : Metallic surfaces

The challenge for Day 63 was to go on a nature walk, pick up an item and draw it. It's still a quite cold around here and going on a nature walk in this temperature was not going to happen, specially living in the city. There's mostly snow and dirty trash. The alternative was to draw something that was picked up by my husband at the store that day : a pack of Sapporo, Japanese beer. They come in tall aluminum cans and have a neat design. It was a great opportunity to practice metallic material and reflection. 

For day 64 the challenge was to draw a sink. I drew the the bathroom sink, but concentrated on the faucet that I don't like. There's essentially four setting to this faucet : Scorching hot, uncomfortably hot, uncomfortably cold and freezing cold. They should seriously discontinue this model of faucet. But it was a great opportunity to practice a metallic surface again.