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My Journey (part 5) : The not-so-creative engineer

* See part 4 here   * Snapshots from my life as an engineer  The years following my graduation was a major shift. I was mostly focused on doing my job during the week and recovering on the weekend. It was the quintessential 9 to 5 office job. This is where I realize that having a degree in engineering was just the beginning. I was still learning from senior engineers and technicians who had a lot more experience than me. I didn't really draw anything at my job, not even floor plans. My work mostly consisted of plan analysis, computer programming, site visits, attending conferences, taking multiple certification workshops and tests, creating powerpoint presentations and writing reports. Still I managed to find little creative outlets within my work and outside of work to feed my creative side.  IN-HOUSE GRAPHIC DESIGNER & WRITER  The most creative thing I could do while working as an engineer was to draft the occasional articles for professional magazines and create and design d

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