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The Art of Love Project

  I'm still working on my book . It's a lot slower than I had planned for but it's slowly taking shape. There's been many iteration of the book title and there's a possibility it will change again as things progress but for now "The Art of Love" seems to fit. I remembered I had painted this simple heart a couple years back and it seems like it would be the perfect image for the cover. This is a mockup. Let's see how it evolves over time.  In terms of content, after doing a first general pass with over  25,000 words, I felt like I wasn't going in the right direction anymore and that killed the initial momentum. I looked at the table of content and it felt like I was trying to put too many things in one book, so I had to go back and simplify it, which meant that I had to go through it again and sift through the whole text to see what needed to go where, what needed to go and what needed to stay. It felt daunting and overwhelming so I procrastinated.

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