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A New Blank Canvas

Blank canvasses are always daunting an exciting at the same time : So many possibilities to create something great. But also, what if I mess up? What if it isn't as great as I would like  it to be? It's interesting how artwork and creating art can be a reflection of life and our own inner dialogues. In this case, I feel working on this particular canvas represents a new phase in my life. And the same inner dialogue applies : So many possibilities... But what if I mess up? What if it isn't as great as I imagine it would be? The only way to find out is to dive in and adjust on the way, knowing that it's not going to be perfect from the start. It can't be perfect. But still, it will turn out ok and I'll learn something new along the way.  I've had this canvas for many years. It used to have a photo of a beautiful sunset I took in Ibiza about 13 years ago. That was another lifetime. A lot has changed since then. And although I still had the canvas, it had not be

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