Sneak peek at my new coffee table dating book

Mockup of my book

I had a lot of free time over the holidays back in December. So rather than spending all of that free time watching movies on Netflix, I decided to create a new book. I've been working on it over the past couple of months, and I'm excited to finally share it with you. I titled it Get to Know Me: 100 Conversation Prompts for Meaningful Dates. It's an interactive coffee table book to help support people in having more meaningful conversations while dating.

Ever since I started co-hosting and hosting events centred around conversations on healthy conscious relationships, the idea of creating conscious conversation cards had been on my bucket list. That's because the main insight I gained through facilitating hundreds of these group conversations is how difficult it is for many people to create genuine connections. A large majority of people dating in this day and age are so used to superficial exchanges on dating apps that they've lost some of their ability to have conversations that matter. This can lead to a sense of emotional unfulfillment leading to dating fatigue and eventually isolation.  

I feel that one of the main reasons for this problem is that the typical topics of conversation are not interesting or engaging enough to break through people's usual protective shields. People don't feel seen because they tend to hide behind their shield, hoping to make a good impression. That becomes draining over time. Instead, conversations should feel inspiring and energizing. They should enable people to feel seen, which then enables them to have more enjoyable dates and have a better chance at making meaningful connections.  

My goal with this book is to help elevate the quality of their conversations while dating so they can have more meaningful exchanges. The book contains 100 prompts in four different categories guiding them  from engaging and casual conversations all the way to transformative and intimate conversations. I was lucky enough to have a couple of friends test them out and their feedback was positive and helpful. After a couple tweaks, the first edition of the book is now ready for the public. (Big thank you to Steve, Joyce, Julian, Kevin and Sosa for their input and Cassie for beginning this journey with me).

Now that the book is out there, the hard part (my challenge) will be to get it in front of the people who will benefit from this communication tool. That's where phase 2 of my work begins. I'll probably share part of that journey with you here. Right now, there are no concrete marketing plans for it, other than publishing this post,  announcing the news on social media, and offering a free sample of the book for people to test it. I did something similar when I first published my colouring book almost a decade ago, and it worked out well. 

You can get your copy on Amazon or download a free sample on the brand new landing page I created for this book. If you decide to test it out, I would love to know what your experience has been. 

Sneak peek of the 'Intimate' section of the book