Bringing Bioderma to Life: The Art of Live Painting at Product Launch Events

Close up on painted bottles I created for some clients.  

If you're looking to successfully launch a new product to the public, hire an artist to paint live for your guests. A live painter can bring a unique and visually captivating element to a product launch event. Not only does the process of watching a painting come to life in real-time provide an interactive experience for your guests, but it also enhances brand recognition and serves as a great conversation starter, which encourages more networking and relationship building. Once the event ends, the guest leave with a lasting memento, reminding them of the positive experience they had. They are also likely to keep promoting your brand outside of the event and continue to engage with it. 

Back in 2019, I had the opportunity to paint live for  BiodermaIt was a fun event with great food an entertainment to launch their new product to a group of beauty influencers in the city. My role was to paint on the bottles to beautify them. When I found out that I was going to paint on their bottles, I quickly thought of ideas to complement the minimalist look of the bottle and decided to go with a monochromatic palette of pink and white paints. 

After sending images of a couple ideas to my client, they selected their 4 favourite designs for me to paint on-site. I felt that minimalistic flowers were the best way to beautify the bottle in keeping with their brand. It was an interesting experience to paint with acrylic onsite. I tend to stick to watercolour paints because they are easier to transport and clean. But acrylic paint was better suited for the bottles. It took a little bit more planning as the paint dries relatively fast, but it was also a perk because the guests could go home with a dried paint on their bottles relatively quickly. I’m not sure how many bottles I painted, but I painted for 3 hours straight and barely felt the time passing by. 

Some images captures by the guests at the event 

One thing I would do differently next time would be to have some already painted bottles ready for pick up. Although they were relatively quick to paint, I forgot to account for the time spent interacting with the guests. There was a bit of a back up so I had to write down the list of names of the people who wanted a personalized bottle because some didn't have time to wait for their painted bottles. Butt the fact that there was a waiting list with a good amount of guests willing to wait, was a good sign that they really appreciated the personal touch. Many of them also shared their enthusiasm online. 

Personalized bottles for the guests at the event

The flower designs selected for this event were perfect for the bottles. My goal was to create something that would complement their brand. It took a couple minutes for many of the guests to realize that they were hand-painted by me. Many thought, at first sight, that the flowers were part of the original design of the bottle, which was a great compliment. Maybe I should look into collaborating with product companies to paint on their products in the future. 
Some of the other design tests that didn't make the cut

If you're planning to launch a product, consider hiring an artist to help. Here's are five reasons why : 

  1. It will create a unique experience for your guests 
  2. It will keep your guests engaged and interested 
  3. It will enhance brand awareness 
  4. It will provided a great conversation starter
  5. It will offer your guests a wonderful memento