Artst Tlk Sketchnote with Tony Hawk

It was great to hear about Tony Hawk's come up and business ventures on Artst Tlk. I don't know a lot about skateboarding, but I know he's a major player in the industry and he essentially revolutionized it. It's also neat to see how no matter what your interest is, there's a way to make a good living out of it.

It's interesting how things come together in sketches sometimes and you get to make connections after the fact. Instead of a portrait I felt like drawing him skateboarding in the air and add a hawk logo behind. I like the position he had and it seems to fit nicely with the hawk logo behind him. At the last minute I decided to replace his skateboard with the new huvr board. (I just happened to see the intro video yesterday... but it looks like it's not real :( ). Then I'm realizing now that the main quote is "I wanted to fly". I guess that's the theme of this sketchnote :)