MJ Sketchbook Tour 03

I've been meaning to create another sketchbook tour video for a little while and finally took some time to create this one. I always enjoy looking through other artists' sketchbooks and I think it's only fair to let others see mine as well.

Unlike the previous two sketchbook tour videos I made in the past (1, 2) this one is longer and I added some context with a voice over done by yours truly in order to give you a bit of background regarding where the sketches were made and why.  It's an interesting way to learn more about the city of Toronto as most of the artwork are urban sketches from Toronto. That's the fascinating thing about urban sketching. I get to show Toronto through my eyes.

I'll probably do more sketchbook tour in the future, it's really a question of taking the time to do it. I have a few sketchbooks that I can share online. This process also made me realize how much time I take to complete a sketchbook and that I need to spend more time sketching.

I hope you enjoy this format. If you have any particular questions, feel free to add them in the comments below.