outdated urban planning

MJ SKETCHBOOK | Apartment building and commercial buildings - Centertown, Ottawa

I find the urban planning in the city of Ottawa to be quite odd at times and very impractical. Here's a perfect example of urban planning that needs a serious update. Located in Centertown, the building on the far left (I believe it's a residential rental building) is so closed to the building next to it that it's impossible to maintain or repair the siding on either buildings. Consequently, the siding of the building on the left looks rotted out. Also, the second building includes a restaurant the main floor. So if ever there is a fire in the kitchen of the restaurant, it would easily spread out to the building next to it. 

Another design "feature" that bothers me is the way the parking space is arranged. Parking is located at the back of the buildings with entrance on the sides of some buildings. The alley leading to the parking  lot is very narrow. Only one car can go through at a time. And since there's not enough parking, one of the alley is also used for parking. Which means that the car stuck in the centre has to plan ahead with the owners of the two other car, when it's time to leave.