First World Dog Problem #36


Subway Sleeper

On a long ride to Mississauga a couple days ago, I had the opportunity to sketch a subway rider who was resting on her bag. It was an interesting and somewhat complex pose to sketch. I added the colours later at home. 

First World Dog Problem #35


Urban Sketching at the Toronto Indie Art Market

The organizers for the TIAM arranged to have a violinist, Isaac Daniel Eng,  play on a stage in front of the room while guests were visiting each table. It added a great ambience to the event and gave me an opportunity to practice live sketching. (The colours were added later at home since I had forgotten my watercolour kit)

I also did a couple sketches of what was in front of me. Olivia Chow passed by for a couple minutes to speak on the stage which gave me  enough time to do a quick sketch of her as well. I think I got her hair shape pretty good :)


Toronto Indie Art Market

Last thursday, I participated to the Toronto Indie Art Market for the first time. Ever since I had helped a friend at a similar art market earlier this year, I've been wanting to try it out and see what it would be like to be a vendor for a couple hours. The event took place at the Gladstone Hotel and there were a good number of vendors offering various items such as jewelry, clothing, beauty products and artworks. 

After several trials to come up with different artworks, I finally decided to showcase some watercolours and another series for my 4x4 project. Amongst the watercolour artworks were some quotes accompanying pantings of Newton that made people smile. One woman even bursted out laughing as she was reading them. It was great to see. 

I learned a couple things during the event, the main one being that it's important to add height to the table and find a way to display the artwork upright, and bring more business cards. Also, I forgot to bring bags for purchasers to carry their artwork. 

It was also great to meet the vendors and see what they had to offer and their level of creativity. Two who particularly stood out for me were artist Josée Duranleau who's a mixed media artist. Her work looked like so much fun. It's definitely something I'd like to try at some point in the future. The other one was a jewelry maker and owner of Zippan. She had nice minimalistic modern pieces that really appealed to my taste. 


First exhibited artwork

I officially have my first works of art exhibited in a public location in the city. A couple weeks ago, I was given the opportunity with a couple friends to showcase and sell our work at a local cafe, Sage Cafe & Catering, in Toronto. I use this opportunity to showcase my recent humming birds. They are located right behind the cash counter. It feels nice to "break the ice" and make positive steps toward one of my many goals. More to come soon :) 

First World Dog Problem #33


First World Dog Problem #32

Hummingbird Duo

Here's a sneak peek of another little project of mine. I felt like my previous hummingbird needed a friend so I made another one last night. I'm planning to have these two hummingbirds showcased at a local restaurant soon and perhaps make a couple prints as well. I really like how they turned out.