Torontonian 09 : Stacey McKenzie

I think the first time I saw supermodel Stacey McKenzie was on the TV show Canada's Next Top Model. She was one of the judges and I just loved how unique her look was. I was impressed to see that models didn't have to all look the same and it was very refreshing. I'm even more fascinated by her accomplishments and her story about how she became a model. She had a vision of who she wanted to be as a child and despite the difficulty to make it in the world of fashion she made it happen. She never gave up and trusted in herself. Reading her bio was very moving. Her spark happened when she saw a photo of Jean-Paul Gauthier and Madonna in a magazine when she was 6 years old in Jamaica. That's when she decided she wanted to become a model. Fast forward a couple years later, the first designer who fell in love with her and booked her for a fashion show was Jean-Paul Gauthier in France. How amazing is that! 

First World Dog Problem #15


Torontonian 08 : Deadmau5

The first song I heard and video I saw from Deadmau5 was Ghosts N Stuff. I thought it was a really catchy and fun video. Of course I especially like the mouse head concept. We went to see one of his set a couple years ago and seeing a big head playing on stage at a club definitely adds a fun atmosphere to the club. 

One of the things I find really interesting about him is that he shares his work process online and even though I'm no EDM expert, I find it very motivating because you get to see the amount of work it takes to come up with a good product. I used to leave his live stream playing in the background while I was working on interior design projects at 3-4AM. For some reason it was encouraging to not be the only one working during "odd" hours, trying to get things right. Now I'm more into his coffee run video series on YouTube. It's such a great opportunity to be virtually sitting with them and be able to learn from people who are doing what they are passionate about and are very successful at it. I find it very inspiring and manage to learn a lot from these little clips. 

Robarts Library

We had a great sketching event at the Robarts Library this weekend. It was my first time seeing this fascinating building up close. Built between 1968 and 1973, this brutalist style architecture has a lot of interesting angles and geometrical details to sketch. 

There was a lot of students studying in the building, so there weren't a lot of available seats nears the windows, but I managed to find a chair overlooking and interesting portion of the library. I really like the perspective between the shelves. Unfortunately my spot was near a cold vent, so I had to leave after a little while and completed the colouring at home. 

The 3rd floor gives  a great birds eye view of the main entrance on the second floor. The ceilings are really high and give a grand look to the place. Most students were fixated on their laptop. I'm sure it must be quite a change compared to how things used to be when the library first open in the early 70s. 

I ventured outside for a little bit to sketch a portion of the building since the weather a little warmer. Not warm enough to spend hours sketching details, but enough to get an idea of the building's architecture. I'll have to come back on a warmer day to try various viewpoints. It was really fun to sketch all these angles.  

Back inside, I sketched this student talking on the phone near the escalators from a floor above. It was a great opportunity to practice a birds eye view perspectives. 

We had a great turnout with a couple new sketchers including our youngest sketcher to date: only 6 years old. He did an awesome job! See if you can find his sketch :)


Torontonian 07 : Melanie Fiona

Melanie Fiona is another successful artist from Toronto with quite a few hits on the musical charts, including collaborations with several internationally renowned artist. She has an amazing voice perfectly suited for her traditional R&B style. She also used to be part of a girl group called X-Quisite.


Torontonian 06 : Bob Proctor

I first found out about Bob Proctor through a friend who shared a clip of one of his seminars two years ago. He's a successful author and coach from Toronto. There's one thing he said in the clip that literally turned an light bulb in my mind and got me to start focusing more on improving myself. He said, everyone should read books that allow them to study themselves and learn more about things that interest them. I had stop reading books after being force fed tons to technical books in university in such a way that my interest for reading completely vanished after graduation. But when I heard him say read books that help you understand you, I thought "why didn't I think about this before? It makes so much sense." So I started listening to audio books and reading books about things that interest me and that help me understand me and others more. I'm slowly building my library and expanding my mind :) 


Torontonian 05 : k-os

k-os is another great Toronto artist who marches to the beat of his own drum. He has a very creative and unique style. The name k-os originally meant "Kevin's Original Sound", and later developed to "Knowledge of Self", very fitting for this artist. I love his videos and the fact that he's got something to say and things that make you think when you take the time to listen to the lyrics. I think the first songs I heard from him were Crabbuckit and Heaven Only Knows


Commuters' Hairstyles

There are various triggers when it comes to choosing a model to sketch in the subway. For the two drawings above it was the models' hairstyle. The one on the left had a really high bun and I like her way the hair was wrapped above her head. The one on the right presented a great opportunity to study how hair falls in a loose ponytail. She was standing and reading a book. I've also taken a liking to add snippets of conversation I hear in the subway. Coincidentally on both occasion they were talking about a girl. 

Torontonian 04 : Kardinal Offishall

Kardinal Official has been a major player in the Canadian Hip Hop industry for a while now and judging by the songs he puts out, he's a very proud Torontonian. His videos are always fun to watch and he has a lot of great collaborations song with many internationally renown artists.