My first large ground mural

Photo by Stephen Brophy via Spacing Toronto

A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to join a group of selected artists to create a portion of a giant ground mural on Baldwin St, right at the heart of the eclectic Kensington Market.  It was for the 3rd Annual Mural on Baldwin project, where they invite black women and non-binary artists to paint the street raising awareness to what it would be like to have a future without oppression. 

It was my first time tackling a space like this. I learned a lot! My interpretation of a future without oppression was to depict a strongly melanated woman meditating in the air entitled Elevated. I personally feel like a future without oppression for those who are oppressed would allow them to grow to their full potential in peace. 

So my concept was to recreate an image inspired by photographer Nelson Cosey, who took this really neat photo of a woman levitating while meditating.  Unfortunately, being new at this I didn't give myself enough contingencies in terms of variable available time and supplies. So I had to modify the design as we were going, but we made it happen and the result was impressive, especially from the drone shots they were able to take of it. 

It was fun and I met a lot of great talented artists and got to interact with visitors who came to check our work in progress. At some point I had to stop a clearly mentally ill person from stealing my paint cans which was hilarious, but to be expected there.  And some of the local business owners took really good care of us, providing us with food and refreshment throughout the day. It's a beautiful and unique community and it was a pleasure to be able to contribute.  

And now that I've experienced it and learned from it, I'm ready to do it again and build on that experience. It's amazing to see how something as simple as adding art in public spaces shift the energy of the area and bring smiles to people's faces. 

It was also fun to see a picture of the mural in a recent article from Spacing Toronto (first picture above).  I'm hoping to discover more of them over time.