The Art of Love Project


I'm still working on my book. It's a lot slower than I had planned for but it's slowly taking shape. There's been many iteration of the book title and there's a possibility it will change again as things progress but for now "The Art of Love" seems to fit. I remembered I had painted this simple heart a couple years back and it seems like it would be the perfect image for the cover. This is a mockup. Let's see how it evolves over time. 

In terms of content, after doing a first general pass with over  25,000 words, I felt like I wasn't going in the right direction anymore and that killed the initial momentum. I looked at the table of content and it felt like I was trying to put too many things in one book, so I had to go back and simplify it, which meant that I had to go through it again and sift through the whole text to see what needed to go where, what needed to go and what needed to stay. It felt daunting and overwhelming so I procrastinated. I left it aside for a good while to think about it, or rather let ideas organize themselves in my subconscious. Eventually the image of the painted heart came to mind and it brought a new fresh energy to the project. 

So now hopefully I can get back on track and get this book and everything around it progressing toward the "finish line". In the mean time, I started to post excerpts of the book in my Subkit Newsletter subscription. I figured it's a casual way to flush out some ideas in bite size format.

I'm also combining this project with a rebranded Meetup Group now called The Art of Love | Conscious Dating & Relationships. It will be interesting to continue to have conversations around love and relationships as well as offering an alternative to modern online dating. The first meet and greet is happening this Friday. It should be fun. I have some creative ideas to help people introduce themselves to each other in a different way. Let's see how this goes. Join us if that's something you're interested in.