Fire journal


After reading the Artist's Way and learning about the morning pages, I started journaling every day as part of my morning (or morning-ish) routine. I tend to have a lot of random creative ideas but typically only about 5% of them get to see the light of day. The Fire Journal is one of the ideas that I managed to materialize: one of the "lucky ones".  

I'm a very avid journaler and one day,  I figured 'Why not create my own journal to better suit my needs rather than settling for what's out there?' And that's how the idea of creating this simple journal with my own art on the cover came about. The cover artwork is from the Elemental Series I did, not too long ago, called Ace of Fire.  My plan is to create and publish a journal for each of the four elements (and hope that I don't get distracted by another "shiny object idea" before I complete this plan) 

I've been using my Fire Journal for a month : sketching, writing, painting, gluing images, adding stickers and highlighting words, etc, and I love it! It's not too precious to keep me from experimenting in it. It's large enough to get a lot of ideas down on paper (222 pages and 8.5 x 11 inches in size). I also numbered the pages and added a table of content at the beginning to accommodate for the fact that sometimes I add notes that I want to come back to in the future without having to search for them. If you're interested, you can also get it on Amazon from almost anywhere in the world. If you do, let me know how you use it and how you like it.