Documented by Rainbow Scontayo

I was recently approached by Alex Gladwell, founder of Rainbow Scontayo to be featured in a short documentary. It's a video production company specializing in personal documentaries. Like many artists, he also has personal projects he runs on the side and one of his current projects consists of creating short documentaries of various people in the city. It was fun to be on the other side of the camera and get into a great conversation about art, life and philosophies which resulted in this neat clip recorded after our hour long conversation. Of course, my sidekick Newton had to be in there as well. 

Alex has interviewed quite a few people. I'm number 47! You can see more clips here on his video wall. I've been enjoying looking through the various clips and hear some of the wisdom that can come out of a 1 minute clip. Also check out fellow urban sketcher Wil Wong's interview