Sketching at IKEA

A couple weeks ago I organized a sketching event at IKEA. It's an idea I got from another urban sketcher in Sweden and I thought it would be a great option for us when it's cold outside. It was my first time visiting the IKEA in Toronto, which his weird because I used to be there all the time before moving to Toronto. It was great to be back and see all the decor and items. Made me want to come back, specially considering how easy it is to get there. There's also an IKEA shuttle bus from the subway station directly to IKEA, even though you can walk from the station to the store in about 5-10 minutes. 

I sketched one of the set up they had at the entrance as well as a portion of the self-serve area on the main floor. It was interesting to hear the conversation going on while sitting at the patio display. The comments on the patio furniture were all positive.  I recorded snippets of it while sketching (shown in the photo on the right).