Inside and Outside the Fox and Fiddle

Since it was too cold to stay at the High Park to sketch, we decided to go to a pub to eat and warm ourselves up. We ended up at the Fox and Fiddle on Bloor street. Pubs are always a great option for a large group of people without reservations.

While I was there, I decided to sketch a couple who was eating and chatting at a table in front of me. It was towards the end of their meal. I was trying to capture a moment they seemed to be having and the high contrast between the dark indoors and the light outdoors. For some reason, the way they were positioned against the window made for a inspiring image. 

The second sketch is the outside view from an adjacent window. It was facing the back alley of another building, behind a black metal fence with the colour coded garbage and recycling bins. At first I thought it wasn't the greatest view, but it made for an interesting subject to sketch. Maybe it's the combination of the texture of the red brick walls, the black fence and by the colourful bins.