TGIM sketchnote 24

This week's TGIM is a continuation from the previous week where ET talks about the importance of persistence in order to get where you need to be : Keep doing what you need to do. I can relate to the part about constantly looking at the "scoreboard". That's often me. Mind you I keep going, but I imagine it slows me down a little and it's something that can be overdone.

It's better to keep working as opposed to keep looking back at the things that were accomplished in the past or looking for praises. It easy to get discouraged when you don't see the results, especially after putting a lot more effort that you expected to put out, still waiting for the results you want. You may even start questioning your actions altogether. At the same time, if you keep questioning your actions and changing directions all the time, it will be harder and will take longer to get to that goal. So I guess it's better to stick with it and make it part of your routine. That's something I can definitely work on a little more.