This week, Newton finally got to meet his extended family dogs : Max (a border collie mix) and Aspen (a german shepherd), who are much bigger than him. Of course, that didn't phase him at all. He got right in there with them, playing tag, running around. He went on for hours. I have no idea how so much energy can come from such a little dog! 

At some point he was running laps with Aspen in the backyard while making the funniest bark ("yip! yip! yip!"). I wish I would have videotaped them. It was the funniest thing I've seen. 
Aspen pretty much adopted him as her own. It was adorable to see. I'm pretty sure she was teaching him a couple things that I can never teach him. She's a very smart dog.  Max was not quite sure what to do with him, Newton had way too much energy for him so he mostly watched him. 

It took a little while for him to settle down. He was just to excited to play with other dogs. But when we got back home, he totally crashed.