podcasts : good for the soul

Last year, I started to listened to podcasts while drawing or cleaning things around the house. It all started when I first heard a portion of Joe Rogan's podcast on YouTube about reality. It was so inspiring that I felt compelled to create a series of sketchnotes about it. This then lead my discovery of The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast, the first one of a series of podcasts I would like to share with you.  

The Joe Rogan Experience podcast

There's always something interesting to learn from Joe Rogan, Brian Redban (his cohost) and the rainbow of guests that come and talk about anything and everything.  They come from all walks of life : comedians, MMA fighters, authors, artists, musicians, scientists and more. So far, I've benefited greatly from their casual 2-3hr discussions, learning about great books to read (that's where I got the War of Art suggestions), alternative philosophies of life (where I learned about the Christmas mushrooms theory), nutrition tips (The Blendtec is now on my wish list), political views, many aspects of science and more. It's really fascinating. Yesterday, the guest was Neil deGrasse Tyson, renown astrophysicist. I'm hoping Michio Kaku will also be a guest at some point in the future :)

The second podcast I'd like to share with you is the Duncan Trussel Family Hour
I discovered him through Brian Redban's Icehouse Chronicles. Duncan is also a comedian, but his podcast have a completely different feel. They are more profound and personal to him I would say. The first episode I heard, was the one with his mom who has cancer. It was quite touching and interesting to see how people deal with things like that in a positive way. I was hooked after that. He's very insightful in his way of seeing life in general and how people should interact with one another. He also has a very creative way of talking and explaining thing and I often get the urge to draw what he says. I probably will at some point in time, hopefully soon. 

There are more! These are only the first two of my favorite go-to podcasts. They are very enlightening and have been giving me new perspectives that would be nearly impossible for me to get in my current environment and I figured it could benefit my readers here too. 

So, stay tune as I complete their headshot, I'll be adding the on the sidebar with the link to each of their podcast. Interesting how wanting to add a couple extra links on the side lead to me creating a news series of portraits using Sketchbook Pro on Ipad. It's good excuse to finally practice on it. :)