blood, sweat and tears

I've come to the realization that any widely successful person, no matter the field they're in, got there through blood, sweat and tears. So in order to be successful, you most likely have to go through it as well. Recently, I got this idea of representing this idiom with three drops made out of the words "blood", "sweat" and "tears" and came up with the rough drawing above. 

I always thought it would be neat to have my drawing on various products but never really went past the idea phase until now. I recently decided to join Cafe Press and test out some of my ideas. I'm still waiting for the legal approval for the items to be available online, they should be available for sale very soon. Hopefully it will inspire and encourage people who are looking to achieve difficult tasks in their lives : be it loosing weight, becoming a chef, graduating, making a sports team, starting a new business, building a new life or recovering from an addiction.