sketching around in Ottawa

I got a new sketchbook recently and decided to fill it up with sketches from Ottawa.  Here are the first few drawings so far. I'm currently using a simple PILOT Fineliner to sketch. I'll probably get a waterproof pen once I finish my box so that I can add color with either watercolors or marker. The Pilots are not well suited for color (unless I used colored pencil) since they are not waterproof. I might color them at some point in the future.

  MJ SKETCHBOOK | Urban Sketcher - Ottawa Ottawans : Here I tried to draw people walking down a street in the city one morning. It's not easy to capture them while they are walking, especially from above.

  MJ SKETCHBOOK | Urban Sketcher - Ottawa Kent & Nepean: This is looking down towards Nepean from Kent in Centretown next to the Saint-Patrick's Basilica on Kent.

MJ SKETCHBOOK | Urban Sketcher - Ottawa Saint-Patrick's Basilica: I couldn't fit the whole church in my sketchbook from my starting point. This is just a portion of the top front.

  MJ SKETCHBOOK | Urban Sketcher - Ottawawaiting room: waiting rooms are a great place to sketch when you have to wait. It's a little challenging when people come and sit down right in front of you though.

  MJ SKETCHBOOK | Urban Sketcher - Ottawa MJ SKETCHBOOK | Urban Sketcher - Ottawa Bowich: We often go to Bowich. On one occasion I drew the pass thru and on another occasion, I drew the dining area.

  MJ SKETCHBOOK | Urban Sketcher - Ottawa Tunney's Pasture: While waiting I had time to draw a portion of the parking lot. It's still warm enough for people to used their motocycle. There were three parked in front of me that day.

  MJ SKETCHBOOK | Urban Sketcher - Ottawa Canadian Tire: Time to switch to winter tires. We went to Canadian Tire to change them and while waiting I did a little sketching.