"Art realizes in physical media the ideal of what man could and should be, to set it down in tangible form, accessible to all, a distilled expression of Human Spirit." 
- David R Hawkins, M.D., Ph. D. Power vs Force 

Photo : Barbara Eguchi    

I create to better understand the world around me with the purpose of uncovering the mysteries behind people, nature, places and how they relate to one another. I study them through my sketches, drawings and paintings, analyzing every details looking for connections, substance and meaning. I have an obsession with finding meaning behind my subjects : looking for the unseen and bringing them into light for others to see more. 

When I draw a portrait, I aim to convey more than physical appearances and incorporate personalities. When I paint a location, I aim to not only convey the forms but their connection to people, and their history. When I draw patterns, I aim to align them with the blueprint of geometry found in nature. 

Creating art makes me feel more connected to people because I feel I understand them (and myself) better. With my art, I wish to convey a sense of human connection, curiosity, wonder, awe, and happiness. Uplifting people’s spirit through my art energizes me. Knowing that there’s a chance that my art can help others appreciate life more fully gives me a great sense of purpose. 

The main message I aim to convey with my art is that our world is more wonderful and magical than we can ever imagine and that we are all connected. My goal is to be able to not only help others see and feel that as well. It has always been a goal of mine to participate in increasing the presence of positive, uplifting and insightful art and share it with as many people as possible so that I can contribute in positively impacting the lives of as many people as I can.

I’m fascinated and continuously inspired by artists such as Alfonse Mucha, Salvador Dali, Alex Grey, Leonardo DaVinci, Carravagio, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Gustav DorĂ© and Lawren Harris who give me a great sense of awe, wonder and belonging whenever I look at their work and inspire me to keep growing as an artist.

Photo: Sean Brown