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The type of clouds that stimulate the imagination and come in many shapes and forms.
$44.00 each

Article Numbers (clockwise from top left): 
MJ4BY40005 - Cumulonimbus 1
MJ4BY40006 - Cumulonimbus 2 
MJ4BY40007 - Cumulonimbus 3
MJ4BY40008 - Cumulonimbus 4

Acrylic on wood panels
4in x 4in x 1in - 0.25lb

Teapots come in many shapes and forms, which gives them interesting personality.
$44.00 each

Article Numbers (clockwise from top left): 
MJ4BY40001 - Spherical Teapot 
MJ4BY40002 - Round Teapot 
MJ4BY40003 - Round Teapot 
MJ4BY40004 - Tall Teapot 

Acrylic on wood panels
4in x 4in x 1in - 0.25lb

Perfect for the tea lovers. 
* These little guys will soon be on display at Bampot Tea in Toronto. * 

I was inspired by a fellow artist, Mili Fay, who contributes a portion of her profits to an organization she care about. I thought it was a great idea, so I decided to do something similar with this project. For every 4x4 artwork sold $4 will be donated to the Art Gallery of Ontario to support the arts.

I'm a big fan of the AGO who relies on the generosity of donors to sustain their mission of bringing people together with art to see, experience and understand the world in new ways. Not only does it has a gallery, it also has a library, student spaces, gallery workshop spaces, artist-in-residence, and more. This is my way of paying it forward and contributing to the growth of the arts in the city. 


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