10 Ideas

10 ideas, James Altucher, sketch portrait

I discovered James Altucher's podcast through Ice-T's podcast last year and, since then, I've been following his podcast as well and subscribed to his newsletter. He has great tips and advices on various aspects of life and one of the tips that resonated with me is his "10 ideas" exercise. Basically, every morning he takes the time to write 10 ideas on various subjects as a way to exercise his idea muscles. I always write ideas down, but I never thought about doing it on a regular basis. (He has an article that talks about it in more details here).

It didn't take too much time for me to find myself writing 10 or more ideas in my journal on a regular basis, which sparked the idea of moving this concept to my blog. I thought "Why not write a blog post on a weekly basis about one of the ideas that came to mind and see what happens?" According to him, doing this exercise can significantly improve your life and it sounds like a fun thing to do, so I'm going to try it for myself this year as another Challenge for 2015. It's also a great way to force me to produce quick sketches to go with the post, like the one above. I tend to take a lot of time to produce portrait and feel like I could benefit from posting quick sketches as well.