Torontonian 09 : Stacey McKenzie

I think the first time I saw supermodel Stacey McKenzie was on the TV show Canada's Next Top Model. She was one of the judges and I just loved how unique her look was. I was impressed to see that models didn't have to all look the same and it was very refreshing. I'm even more fascinated by her accomplishments and her story about how she became a model. She had a vision of who she wanted to be as a child and despite the difficulty to make it in the world of fashion she made it happen. She never gave up and trusted in herself. Reading her bio was very moving. Her spark happened when she saw a photo of Jean-Paul Gauthier and Madonna in a magazine when she was 6 years old in Jamaica. That's when she decided she wanted to become a model. Fast forward a couple years later, the first designer who fell in love with her and booked her for a fashion show was Jean-Paul Gauthier in France. How amazing is that!