Torontonian 06 : Bob Proctor

I first found out about Bob Proctor through a friend who shared a clip of one of his seminars two years ago. He's a successful author and coach from Toronto. There's one thing he said in the clip that literally turned an light bulb in my mind and got me to start focusing more on improving myself. He said, everyone should read books that allow them to study themselves and learn more about things that interest them. I had stop reading books after being force fed tons to technical books in university in such a way that my interest for reading completely vanished after graduation. But when I heard him say read books that help you understand you, I thought "why didn't I think about this before? It makes so much sense." So I started listening to audio books and reading books about things that interest me and that help me understand me and others more. I'm slowly building my library and expanding my mind :)