Sunday Commute

On the way to a get together I sketched a couple people and dog in the subway. The first one was sleeping. I got enough time to draw some details about her hair and some facial features. I like the way her bangs covered her eyes, like a way to give her some privacy in public. 

The second one is an older lady who was reading. I started to draw her profile but she decided to get up and move closer facing me, so I proceeded to draw her portrait. It was great becauseI need to practice drawing glasses on people. They still don't come out the way I want. 

On my way back to my meeting, there was a cute dog in the subway. I think she was a mix between a bulldog and a boxer. She was very curious and kept trying to sniff things around her. Her guardian kept having to pull her back next to him. Dogs move a lot so I mostly did gesture drawings.