EDM 70 : What You Are Afraid Of

Today's challenge was to draw something I am afraid of. What came to mind is the fear of not realizing my full potential. Fortunately, I'm working at it with the goal of creating great body of work. 

One of the things that got me started to draw and paint again was the realization, a couple years ago, that our life is like a big blank canvas and we each have the opportunity to create a masterpiece with the tools that are given to us. I realized that I was spending more time watching others create masterpieces and ignoring my own canvas and set of tools. So I decided to switch from being mostly a spectator to becoming a more active participant, figuring out my tools and experimenting with them. I honestly believe that everyone is an artist. The engineer, the model, the cook, the actor, the teacher, the programmer, the electrician, the fashion director, the plumber, etc. : they are all artists who have the opportunity to create unique masterpieces using different sets of tools. It's really a matter of discovering what these tools are, figuring out how to use them and create as much as possible.