Watercolor Challenge 01

My main source of information for my watercolor challenge is currently a book called The Watercolorist's Answer Book.It is filled with tips and exercises to improve techniques in watercolor. The first chapter talks about materials and gives an introduction to basic techniques. There are some great tips about how to care for your brushes, the different types of papers available and general planning tips.

The second chapter talks about different washes : Flat wash, graded wash, wet into wet wash and streak washes. I played around with the different techniques and got a little ahead trying other techniques like masking with tape and random mixing as you can see above. There's a lot of interesting things that can be done with watercolors. I also supplement the info in the book with videos on YouTube.

I also decided to try using some of the techniques by creating a quick painting of a lovely scene from Santorini, Greece : One of my dream destination for urban sketching. The reference photo is on the left and the practice painting is on the right. I can see myself sketching there :)