TOUSK Meetup #7 : Toronto Eaton Centre

We had a great turnout for the first meeting of the year at the Eaton Centre (almost 20 people!) I was really fixated on drawing the birds and perspective for some reason, so I ended up sketching a rather challenging portion of the building but it turned out better than I thought it would. And it was fun to tackle. I had to keep reminding myself to keep going despite the little things I wasn't too happy about. It's a constant challenge to silence the voice that says "it's not that good", "do something easier", "start over again", etc. But I find that when you keep going and keep doing the best you can with what you have, it somehow turns out much better and you learn in the process. Again, I'll have to come back and draw there again. There's so much great subjects to sketch! Just look at the variety of subject selected from the group in the picture below.  You can also see more photos from the event here