On the Way to El Rancho and Back

I went to a restaurant called El Rancho with a couple friends and on the way there and back I drew a couple people in the subway and street car. It was a particularly cold day, so people were bundled up. Unlike the subway stations I grew up with in Montreal, the stations in Toronto are not all fully enclosed and not all underground, so it can get rather cold "inside". I wonder what was the logic behind that decision. 

At the restaurant, there was also a signer dressed as a mariachi, who sang a couple songs for the people there. I attempted to sketch him toward the end of our dinner, he was moving a lot so it was a little difficult. He had a good voice and looked like he was really feeling the music. 

On the far right are a couple older sketches I did over the holiday period. This particular musician had a little Christmas tree in his guitar case.