The Legend of the Christmas Tree

One of the major symbols of Christmas is the Christmas tree, decorated with all kinds of pretty things and towering over gifts. Legend has it that this annual ritual has its origin from the natives traditions of Northern Europe (where Santa comes from). The gift under the tree are said to represent the Fly Agaric mushrooms that are typically found only under these kinds of trees. So I guess that would be a reason why they are so special during this time of the year. The shaman, or medicine man, of the tribe would find these natural gifts under the tree and hang them on the trees (like ornaments) to start drying them under the sun, while he would look for more. This is why, some say, that the traditional colors of Christmas are red, white and green and why, not that long ago, these trees were decorated with edible ornaments like apples. It's fascinating to see how seemingly different beliefs have more in common than most realize.