Subway details

Here are a couple more sketches of people I did in the subway the other day. I used a pen to work on shading. I started to focus on details without the expectation of "completing" the person because it adds an extra unwanted stress to finish in time. By doing this, I can really concentrate on making the part that I was able to capture better. It makes for a nice study of human gestures and how clothing fit various people. For some reason that day, I kept getting my view obstructed, so there are a lot of "unfinished" drawing, but I still managed to complete the guy reading his ipad on the right and I'm rather happy with the result. Mind you, I think I'm starting to draw a little faster :) 


  1. Have you tried sketching some of those subway glamour girls who do their complete makeup on the train? Now there's an entertaining challenge! You could capture any number of poses & expressions, not to mention a dozen or more pots, palettes & brushes - each!

    1. That would definitely be fun to draw! I'll keep an eye out for them and hopefully be able to post some soon :)


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