hints of winter fashion in the subway

The temperature is getting a little colder now in Toronto and the fashion style of the people using the subway is reflecting the temperature change. It's not snowing yet (hurray!) so people aren't in full canadian winter gear yet but there are now hints here and there: 
  • A woman was reading her book wearing a sleeveless jacket, her burgundy shirt matched her lilac scarf quite nicely. 
  • The man wearing a nice black jacket with a baseball cap was checking his cell 
  • The young women wearing a faux fur jacket and green skirt (or dress) also had black pants underneath, probably not to be cold while traveling from one place to another. She was chatting with her friends  while sipping on a drink.
  • The women on the bottom right was reading something. I though she had large earphones at first but then realized they were earmuffs.