Toronto Art Battle # 66

Yesterday I went to check out the 66th Toronto Art Battle in a beautiful place called the Great Hall. It's a live competitive painting event where artists compete by creating a painting in 20 minutes using provided acrylic paint. The competition is organized in three rounds and the public gets to vote for their favourite artwork at the end of each round. It was my first time attending this event, which takes place in various cities across Canada. It was quite something to witness and see how different artists create in such a short period of time and what comes out of it. There was a great atmosphere, with a live camera enabling everyone to see the artwork being created and a DJ playing a mix of music on a stage at one end. The winner gets a prize and the artwork goes up for auction and can be purchased by the public. I'm very tempted to try this next time. It sounds fun.

Here's a little video of what the event is all about: