Barcelona Details

Spain Barcelona Travel Photos One of my favorite things to do while traveling is noticing details, especially when it comes to art and design. And I can't help but take pictures of these little things I see that capture my interest, like these really detailed carvings on the building above with the curved modern windows. It's not something I see everyday in Canada. I love how a lot of the building are modernized while keeping their historical style at the same time. The building above is a perfect example.

Below is a collection of photos I took because something capture my attention and inspired me to take a picture.      
Spain Barcelona Travel Photos
Colorful panels and beautiful mountain views (top left), matching modern outdoor blinds on a historical looking building (top middle), giant functioning thermometer (top right), black and yellow taxis and cool sculptures  (middle left),  carving (bottom left), narrow streets (bottom centre), gravesite inside mountains (bottom right)
Spain Barcelona Travel Photos
(First column top to bottom) Neat wood carved door, door handle detail, modern door detail. (Second column top to bottom) Wedding photo session, water fountains and flower arrangement in the middle of the city, fountain details. (Third column top to bottom) More fountain detail, random graffiti. (Fourth column top to bottom) Clever graffiti fooled me on the first look, bit graffiti hidden in plain sight, neat sculpture downtown).  
Spain Barcelona Travel Photos It was really neat to see Bixi bikes in Barcelona. This concept was first implemented in Montreal back in 2008 and spread like wild fire in big cities all over the world. 

Spain Barcelona Travel Photos  
I loved walking in all these little streets because I kept discovering new architectural details, new squares, hidden gardens and fountains. It's a very vibrant city with many people, many cultures, hot beautiful sunny days and great food. It was mind opening to see people from so many cultural backgrounds able to speak at least three languages with ease and being able to switch from one to the other with ease. It definitely inspire me to keep learning Spanish so I can be more fluent and do even better the next time I get to visit this great city.