TGIM Sketchnote 17

I finally caught up with my missing TGIM sketchnotes :) This one was released a couple weeks ago while I was in Spain. This one is all about taking the lead in your own life and do what you know you must do to succeed. Get off the bench and play the game of life. I can see how sports in general are great metaphors for motivational speeches because they paint the image very clearly. If you want to score you need to take the ball at the right moment, when you get the opportunity. Your opponents won't just give it to you. Once you get the ball, you must play your role correctly and to the best of your abilities. This is something that I'm currently taking to heart so that I can one day join the "superhuman club".  The main thing for me is not the be scared or timid with the opportunities that come my way and just go for it. So far so go :)