urban sketching bag

I'm on a hunt for an urban sketching bag and I'm considering buying the Covert Emissary Bag from Datsusara. It's all Daniele Bolleli's fault :) He talked so greatly of the bags before his podcasts that I had to check them out. And although that particular bag is not made with urban sketchers in mind, it seems like it would work well. It has tons of compartments and seems quite solid and is environmentally friendly. I'm also fond of the name of the company, Datsusara, which is said to be a Japanese phrase meaning "to leave the salaried/corporate worker life". There's even a cute little animations based on Bolleli's explanation of the brand. Unfortunately, they are currently out of stock and I'd love to get this bag before heading out to the Urban Sketcher Symposium this summer.  Hopefully, they'll be ready before then.