Newton - Italian Greyhound puppy
Newton is exploring the city and turning heads. He gaining confidence everyday and is getting more confortable meeting strangers. It's amazing to see how quickly he gets over things that he's not sure of and how he challenges himself to just go for it. He can now grab things of the counter. That's 36 inches high for a 3.5 month old puppy! Unbelievable. This week he had an impromptu meeting with his pals at the vet this week. Everyone was happy to see him, except his mom. :(  

Above photograph by: Bruno Schlumberger, Ottawa Citizen
Newton's parents were also feature in the local news this week, as shown above. Wanna know where he got his good look from? Check out his dad (tallest of the bunch, second dog from the left) and his mom (black and white dog next to him). 

We found a couple secure places to let him run loose. He LOVES to run and is slowly starting to be interested in animals other than dogs.