taking my urban sketching to the next level

 MJ ILLUSTRATES Urban Sketch Ottawa
Last year, out of the blue, I discovered the wonderful world of urban sketching and started to experiment with it on various occasions. I also started to follow the urban sketcher blog, joined their facebook group and a series of urban sketchers I really admired. 

One particular urban sketcher that stood up for me is Jorge Royan who's style is simply amazing. He's an architect and photographer and the way he frames his drawings and put things together inspires me. I remember thinking that I should study his drawings in order to improve my own and started to emulate his framing style. Now I'm one of the lucky few going to the 4th Annual Urban Sketcher Symposium in Barcelona (so  excited about this!) who are getting online lesson directly from him! How amazing is that! 

Above is my first homework from our online workshop. I'm a little rusty from not doing urban sketches on a regular basis, but I'll be getting back into it in no time, specially considering this great opportunity to not only learn from a master but also the other students in this workshop. There's some great talent there and it's awesome to be part of something like this.