I'm a star, how could I not shine

MJ ILLUSTRATES | I'm a star T-shirt - Society6
This quote from Kanye's song "I Wonder" inspired me to create this art piece. The line to me is genius and inspiring because I see two meaning in it: 
  1. The first and most obvious one is the celebrity status : "I'm a star, of course you'll see my name in bright shining light". 
  2. The second meaning is more profound : "I'm a star, because I am made of star dust, so of couse I'm meant to shine".   
It's been scientifically proven that we are all made of startdust, so essentially we're all stars. With that in mind, I created the image of the star and the quote in one piece. I think it's perfect for a t-shirt or an inspirational accent pillow. You can now get your on my Society6 store