wake up

walls notebook
Inspiration comes with work. As much as I sit down and wait for a brilliant idea to just magically appear in my head, the best (and hardest) thing to do is just start doodling. Eventually something good will come out of it. So after waiting for a great idea to show up so that I can fill my Walls Notebook with some amazing graffitis, I decided to force myself to sit down and start doodling with a pencil. After a couple minutes, I though of two words : "wake up". Then something started. Ideas began to form. Next thing I know, I had a plan. I did a little reference research, started to draw my idea. As I was drawing, it generated more ideas to tweak what was already there. And soon I was done! Above a photo of the final result with the tools I used to create it. Not bad for doodling!  I'm quite happy with the final result too.