not so lucky cat

Earlier this year I signed up with Threadless, a creative clothing company working hand in hand with a community of graphic designers and artists to create unique apparels. Artists submit their design and get rated. The popular ones get printed and sold directly from the website and the artists who's artwork got printed get some money in return for contributing. There's also a series of contests that seems to be running on a regular basis, so I decided to give it a try and participate to the East Meets West challenge. The goal for this challenge is to create a T-shirt design inspired by the theme "East Meets West".

Above is my very first entry for this challenge. For this particular project, I decided to merge the popular Asian lucky cat (Maneki-Neko) with the currently popular American Grumpy Cat (Tard). It took me a little while as I was also learning a new software at the same time.  I have a couple more ideas that I might also submit before the deadline. You can also see more entries at . There are some really good ideas there.