vegas pedestrian bridge

MJ SKETCHBOOK - Urban Sketcher - Las Vegas - Pedestrian Bridge
It looks to me that Las Vegas was not designed originally with pedestrians in mind. Still, to handle the heavy flow of pedestrian traffic and minimize the number of car accidents involving pedestrians, there are a number of pedestrian bridges over the roads, linking many of the popular blocks together. It can be annoying at times because you have to make a lot of detours to get from point A to point B by foot. On the other hand, it's also an interesting feature that gives you a nice viewpoint of the strip. I just wish there were more shaded area because on a clear sunny day (which is the norm in Vegas), it gets really hot up there. Fortunately, I found a nice little shaded spot near the Cosmopolitan
MJ SKETCHBOOK - Urban Sketcher  - Las Vegas pedestrian bridge