vdara view (part 1)

MJ SKETCHBOOK | Urban Sketcher - Las Vegas view

We had a nice view from our hotel room on the 37th floor. I love seeing the mountains surrounding us in Vegas. It was also neat to be able to see the sunrises on the left and the sunsets on the right. You could also see the planes leaving the airport not too far from the strip.

The scale of building in Las Vegas is impressive. They are huge. When you walk down the strip, you get the impression that the buildings are much closer than they really are, but it's an illusion. Plus with temperatures over 100 degree Fahrenheit with a clear sky it's can get a little uncomfortable, specially walking a little outside of the strip. Good thing on the strip, there are a lot of public buildings close to one another, so you can take little "breaks" the heat. Mind you some are a little too cold inside for my taste, but it's appreciated. 

MJ SKETCHBOOK | Urban Sketcher - Las Vegas view


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