life drawing workshop : dwight

The model for this week's life drawing class had really challenging poses for the 90 seconds gestures. I was able to identify areas I want to work on when it comes to life drawings. Perhaps next time I'll start with the overall shape instead to capture the entire body. I used regular pencils this time. 
MJ SKETCHBOOK | Sandy Hill Life Drawing Workshop

I'm happier with the results from the longer poses (30 minutes each). I didn't use an eraser to force myself to be more mindful of where I draw the lines. For the last drawing I was a little quicker, so I decided to draw the surroundings as well. I saw the organizer do this the first time I was there and thought it was a great idea. 
MJ SKETCHBOOK | Sandy Hill Life Drawing Workshop
MJ SkETCHBOOK | Sandy Hill Life Drawing Class


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