waiting lines

MJ LIKES TO DRAW | Urban Sketches | Las  Vegas | waiting line airport

I recently had the opportunity to go to Las Vegas and decided to used my free time to sharpen my urban sketching skills. The very first drawing of this particular trip was done while waiting in line to go through the border at the airport. There's a lot of waiting involved, hence plenty of time to do a little sketch here and there. 

I didn't bring too much tools with me. In fact I forgot to bring a pencil, which meant that I couldn't erase anything and had to work with my "mistakes".  What you see on the right side of the above photo is basically what I had with me. I only brought two pilot pens and my notebook on site. Back in the hotel room, I would add a bit of color here and there with my box of watercolor pencils. I never used them before, so I did a bit of experimenting. 

The goal was to complete the entire sketchbook during my stay and I succeeded :) Stay tuned for more Urban Sketches from Vegas in the next following days.