ottawa apartment building

MJ SKETCHBOOK | Apartment building - Centertown, Ottawa
It's interesting to see what people do with their balcony downtown Ottawa in older buildings. In this case some people added a structure to fully enclose their balcony, (like the one on the fourth row from the top on the left and the one on the fifth row from the top on the left). The balcony on the fourth row from the bottom on the left decided to as some sort of mesh instead to completely closer the outdoor space. I'm assuming it's to keep pigeons from dirtying their space. That can be a problem when you have neighbors who enjoys feeding them on a regular basis.   

Satellite dishes are also something you typically find mostly in older or lower income buildings. Most buildings. There were only a handful of satellite dishes on this building. I noticed that one balcony has two dishes. I guess TV's an important part of their lifestyle.