def con art contest

I recently decided to participate to the def con art contest. The goal was to illustrated what the conference would be like 20 years from now. Above is my entry. I'm happy with it. My idea was to show that most likely 20 years from now, the conference will also be about human-looking-robots and robot-looking-humans, both capable to hacking virtually anything wirelessly. In this case the humanoid is hacking a robot-bug just by looking at it. Judging by some of the talks this year, I'd say I pretty much on point. But for some reason I didn't even make the top 3, out of 11 entries. Hard to say what the judges were looking for but it was fun to put together nonetheless.

There were a couple interesting topic for people like me (aka non-hackers) at the conference this year. My favorite was about human hacking, a presentation given by two med students. As a first timer at this conference, it looks like there's a transition that is happening with two different trains of thoughts. It will be interesting to see where this goes.

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