mj likes to draw you on facebook

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A couple weeks ago I started a new facebook page for my drawings. To challenge myself and work on my drawing skills, I decided to draw portraits of people who would like my page. Above is a preview of the first five. So if you like my page I will draw your portrait and post it.   [ EDIT : It's been a while since I posted this, this offer has expired ] 

I'm currently using old Letraset markers from the Pantone collection. I purchased them a long time ago for my interior design classes and they've been sitting here waiting to be used. I'm finally making good use of them. But unfortunately I won't be able to keep them since I found out that Letraset don't even make the Pantones anymore. I started to use the Promakers instead. There doesn't seem to be as many color options in the collection, but we'll see. 
Letraset Pantone Promaker markers